People’s Institute of Hotel Management organized its Annual function “FLAIR 2022” on 30th March 2022. It was a three Day affair started with Sports day followed by Cultural Events and Ended on 1st April with Award ceremony. On the last day of the EVENT students presented SKIT which stole the show and also students were awarded with Trophies and Medals for their commendable performance. Students received awards for their brilliant academic performance too. Overall it was a wonderful event and students participation was well appreciated.

Idli is considered as one of the healthiest and popular breakfast dish in India as it is a steamed preparation and is highly nutritious. On 30th march 2022 world Idli day was celebrated in PIHM. Chef Rahul demonstrated his cooking skills with different varities of idli preparations like GREEN IDLI, RED IDLI and MASALA IDLI.

People’s Institute of Hotel Management celebrated International Waffle Day on 25th March 2022. Every year, on march 25, waffle lovers celebrate this classic thick, fluffy and crunchy waffles for snack which can be decorated with delicious fruits like banana, berries and chocolate. Students followed instructions given by chef Ashish while preparing different varieties of waffles.

On 11th April 2022 PIHM conducted WINE WORKSHOP for the students. The workshop was organized and led by Sommelier Mayank Phatak. Students were made aware of winemaking process, different styles of wine making etc. Students also tasted Red, White and Sparkling wines and made their assessment on wine quality, taste and other characteristics. Students shown great excitement and immense interest in learning different dimensions of practical exposure to HOSPITALITY.

A MOCKTAIL (Mixture of more than 2 fruit juices, herbs & spices) session was conducted in People’s Institute of Hotel Management on 6th April 2022. Refreshing drinks were made by students with different variety of ingredients like mint, cucumber, Pineapple etc. Students prepared mocktails and also gave fancy names to those drinks. Thirst quenchers like Mint cucumber cooler, Pineapple ginger Tini, Acharito, Guava Mary and Virgin colada were made. It was led by Mr. Mayank Phatak.


LOHRI CELEBRATION On January 13, 2022 Peoples Institute of Hotel Management celebrated Lohri and Makar Sankranti. Lohri is the festival that is mainly related to harvesting of the Rabi crop. Lohri is mostly celebrated around bonfire. The festival also symbolizes new Beginning.

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION On December 24, 2021 students of Peoples Institute of Hotel Management celebrated Christmas. Christmas is celebrated on December 25 every year. It is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who according to the Christian religion is the son of God. The name is a joining of “Christ” and “mass” which means the holy mass (super celebration or festival) of Christ.

Cake Mixing ceremony – To commemorate the pre-Christmas celebrations, PIHM organized cake mixing ceremony on 10/12/21. In this ceremony, an interesting array of fruits, including raisins, glazed red cherries, tutti frutti, dates, figs, walnuts, almond flakes were poured and mixed into a large mixing bowl with dark rum. After traditional cake mixing ceremony, the mixture was put into airtight bags and left to mature until around Christmas, when it will be blended with the cake batter and baked.

Freshers 2021 – On 4/12/21 students of PIHM organized freshers party for 2021 batch. Students enjoyed the party. Students participated in group dance, games, singing everything is organized by students only for their juniors and welcome them with a big heart.

Picnic to Bhimbetka – On 26/11/21 students of PIHM went for picnic to bhimbetka rock shelters where they enjoyed so much and explored the archaeological site which is in central india that spans the paleothic and meslithic periods, as well as the historic period.

Anti Ragging Sensitization program held on 22/11/21 at PIHM – In this program we spread awareness among the students about anti ragging. It includes how they are going to deal with such situations and what are the consequences of it if we found someone getting indulge in it and apart from it we introduce them with committee who are looking towards such cases.

Women Harassment program held on 23/11/21 at PIHM – In this program we aware students about women harassment and about the committee which is formed to stop this practice and to alalyise where this practices are going on and we also make them aware about consequences of such practices.

Sports Activities
S.No Name Of Activity Date of Activity
1 Inter Institute Football Tournament 2021 22nd to 24th Sep 2021
2 Inter Institute Cricket Tournament 2021 10th to 18th Nov 2021
3 Inter Institute Cricket Tournament 2021 14 to16 Nov 2021
4 Inter Institute Football Tournament 2021 10 to 16 Nov 2021
5 Volley Ball Tournament 2021 25 to 26 Aug 2021
6 Inter Institute Football (Men) Tournament 2021-2022 20 to 25 Nov 2021
7 Volleyball Tournament 27th Aug 2021
Cultural Activities
S.No Name Of Activity Date of Activity
1 Annual Function Oct 23 to 25 2021
2 Annual Function Nov 15 to 23 2021
3 Garba Mahotsav August 23 2021
4 Annual Function 5,6,7and8 Dec 2021
5 Essay Competition “World Environment Day 2021 5th Jun 2021
6 Annual Function 2021 Celebration at PIHM “Flair 2021” 15th,21st Dec 20121
7 Poster Competition 21st Jun 2021
8 Annual Function (Fireless Cooking, Salad Decoration and Flower Arrangement 26th Nov 2021
Extension activities
S.No Name Of Activity Date of Activity
1 Yoga Activities 15th June 2021
2 Yoga Workshop 20th Aug 2021
3 Tobacco Chew Life 2nd April 2021
4 Bhopal Run, Sports and Fitness 17th Oct 2021
5 Swachhta Week 1st Feb 2021
6 One Day Yoga Workshop 12th June 2021
7 Plantation In Campus 2nd June 2021
8 Mini Marathon Organized by M.P Pollution Control Board 3rd June 2021
9 Nestle Cooking Competition at IHM BPL 21st Aug 2021
10 Swatch Baharat Yatra 18, 19 & 20th Dec 2021
Celebration Of Important Dates
S.No Name of Activity Date of Activity
1 World Health Day 7th April
2 Bhopal Run-2015 31st May
3 World Environment Day 5th June
5 International Yoga Day 21st June
6 Doctors Day 1st July
7 Independence Day 15th August
8 Teachers Day 5th September
9 World Tourism Day 27th September
10 Swach Bharat Abhiyaan 2nd October
13 National Unity Day 31st October
14 Indian Constitution Day 26th November
15 Republic Day 26th January